The cost, complexity and the long time to design and build large satellites, along with developments in miniaturization in electronics and mechanics, have been bringing forth the importance of smaller satellites. The move to small satellites has been acknowledged at least since the annual Small Satellite Conferences in the US began more than two decades ago. Other conferences and technical meetings all point to an active but not yet fully mature technical area in space technologies. As mini and micro satellites take on the missions of much larger earlier satellites, we are also witnessing the launching of much smaller satellites, the so called nanos and picos.



The workshop is intended to provide an international forum for the exchange of experiences and sharing of ideas in the design and building of small satellites, especially the very small. It is expected to be attractive and to bring benefits to those who are active in the field. In addition to regular contributors, prominent names to be invited to the workshop as keynote speakers, are expected to lead discussions especially on future developments and expectations, offering a vision to aid in the planning of new future projects. Industry representatives with products specifically for the micro and smaller sizes, are also expected to attend, providing market information on their new and future products. It is also the intention of the organizers to assist in initiating and organizing joint projects among the attendees. Facilities will be made available for that purpose.



Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

-                 New concepts, new missions, new technologies

-          Applications in Earth observation, space science, and other areas

-          Instrumentation, design tools, specific problems and solutions

-          Control systems for constellation flying

-          Design and cost minimization of ground stations for small satellites

-          Launch configurations and opportunities

-          Launch systems and launch opportunities specifically designed for small satellites

-          Market trends

-          Opportunities for international cooperation

-          Educational opportunities


All for small satellites, especially micro nano and pico satellites.

Intended audience


Engineers, academicians, technical managers and planners coming from space organizations, industry and universities, and working in small satellite programs including design, construction and operation, are the intended audience.



There will be a number of invited speakers. Prospective attendees are expected to make contributions as well, which could be written presentations or verbal at the workshop. Written contributions should be sent to the Workshop secretariat observing the following deadlines.