Objectives and Scope


The objectives of ISPW are several. First, it should bring together international space propulsion specialists as a forum to review their work and exchange ideas. Second it should present an opportunity for specialists from Turkey to meet their international colleagues and establish links, especially in the framework of the prospect of Turkish Space Agency, expected to be established later this year. The Workshop should expose Turkish graduate students to a first hand view of the state of the art in the field and also enable Turkish industry to establish links with international specialists with a view of different forms of cooperation in the future. Turkish authorities should find a chance to meet representatives from research institutes and space agencies.

Topics: The conference wiil cover the following topics with presentations already planned as follows:

Launcher Propulsion, overview of present technologies

New Space Propulsion Concepts

New Energetic Materials

Electric Propulsion

Satellite Propulsion

Program space is reserved for a limited number of other presentations with new and interesting results.