The field of aerospace engineering includes the challenging problems encountered in the design and operation of many types of aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles and puts a constant demand on aerospace engineers for an even better design and analysis ability and better understanding of basic physical phenomena. In accord with that, aerospace education has been witnessing significant changes in recent years and more emphasis is placed on providing design courses to integrate the disciplines of aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, dynamics, and control, and further into the design of flight vehicles that will perform the required mission.

In the last ten years or so increasing number of universities are designing and building satellites in addition to radio-controlled and/or auto-piloted fixed and rotary wing mini and micro unmanned aerial vehicles. The cubesat has become a trend and a standard among universities world over in just a few years. Another development is the introduction of space education in university programs on various aspects of space. This is in addition to courses traditionally offered in astronomy, space physics, and different subjects of space engineering in the departments of aeronautical or aerospace, electrical and mechanical engineering. Courses in space policy, space law and space business are also offered in some institutes. Still other universities have established completely new programs on different aspects of space, usually at the graduate level. There is at least one university that is completely devoted to space studies. As a unique characteristic of space, technology must always be at the forefront, whether we are dealing with space policy or business or law.

It is among the objectives of the workshop to review the developments in space education as well. We invite academicians and practicing engineers, who are involved in the design and development of space study programs, to report about their experience, reasoning behind curricula development, and relationships with industry if any.