Objectives and Scope



Preamble: RAST (Recent Advances in Space Technologies) Conferences have now become a traditional biennial event with worldwide participation. The third RAST Conference or RAST 2007 will be held again in Istanbul on 14-16 June 2007. As before, it is the mission of the organizers to make RAST 2007 a premier event in space technology developments especially those on the way to near future deployment. In general RAST Conferences are open to all areas of space, but each conference has a different theme. RAST 2007 will carry the theme: SPACE FOR A MORE SECURE WORLD.


Objectives: Space has played a significant role in national defense and security, since the first days of the space age half a century ago. However the dramatic changes in geopolitics in the 1990s and lately, together with developments in the capabilities afforded by space assets, have necessitated a fresh new look at space and security. Policy studies and reports on the subject have been coming out in major space faring nations and organizations including the US and European Union. The new security concepts incorporate threats not only from traditional armed forces of an adversary, but also from suıch sources as organized crime or natural disasters. Space technologies offer ways and means of predicting, mitigating and handling of security issues whatever the primary reason.

RAST2007 has the main objective of providing a forum for the presentation and review of recent developments in space technologies especially emphasizing the security dimension. Coverage of the conference should be attractive for participants coming both from technical and management / policy backgrounds, including engineers, academicians, government officials, space company managers, businessmen, educators, and students. Techniques, technologies, projects and policy papers in navigation, communication and observation, including surveillance and early warning, which all have contributions to make to security, are welcome at RAST 2007 as listed more specifically below.


Topics: Specific presentations may fall under, but not be limited to the following: