Invited Speakers :



Title of the Speech

Brig.Gen. Adnan Demirci (TuAF) Turkish Air Forces' Vision for Space
Murat Bayar (SSM-UDI) Satellite Policies of SSM

Brian J. Cantwell (Stanford Univ.)

Recent Advances in Hybrid Propulsion

Sajjad Durrani (US)

Satellite Communications - Status and Trends

Shahid Habib (NASA)

Remote Sensing Technologies and Observations: Potential Contributions to Global Environment and Security

Fred Y. Hadaegh (NASA-JPL)

Precision Formation Flying of Multiple Spacecraft: Technologies and Emerging Missions

Hans Hornung (CalTech)

Features of ballutes and supersonic parachutes

Wolfgang Koschel ( DLR)

Flow separation phenomena in rocket nozzles and their impact on side loads

Hideshi Kozawa (JAXA)

Satellite Applications for Disaster Mitigation - JAXA's Contribution


Satellite Research and Development in Korea

Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI)

Towards a European identity in space for security

Ahmet Ş. Üçer (METU)

Recent Space Research and Technology Activities in NATO
Jan P.B. Vreeburg (NL) Sloshsat FLEVO, a spacecraft for dynamics research

Changhong Wang (HIT)

Space Technology Research and Development in HIT