We have received a number of inquiries as to whether we intend to continue RAST Conferences in the future. The answer is a definite yes. That is one of the reasons why RAST2003 was named as is and carries a subtitle, i.e. Emerging Applications and Opportunities for All. However there are several issues to be discussed.

  1. We do not necessarily think we should continue to hold future RASTs in Turkey. It suits us well to rotate the conference at different places around the World. If there are other  institutions interested in hosting future RASTs, we would be glad to assist them within an organizational framework.

  2. How often should RASTs be held? Perhaps in the future RAST would be an annual event. But for the near future a biannual event seems more plausible.

  3. Each RAST will have a theme or subtopic. This first RAST was intentionally broad in scope as we were not sure about the type and direction of interest. What could future themes be?

  4. A very important question: What type of a management structure is appropriate? Maybe we can choose a RAST Steering Committee in Istanbul which will developed such a structure and manage future RASTs.

       In order to discuss these and other relevant matters, we would like to hold an adhoc meeting during RAST2003. The meeting will be open to all parties interested and willing to make a contribution.

       Among the agenda items will be the points brought up above, the selection of the site for the next RAST (RAST2005?), the financial aspects, and whether to have a permanent secretariat. The present RAST management will be glad to support the Steering Committee with secretarial functions in the future.

       If you are interested, please watch the announcements at RAST2003, for the meeting to be announced for that purpose, come and make your contribution. We hope to see you there.